why PCS?

Pilates Collective SLO was created in pursuit of helping people move and feel better physically, mentally and beyond. Not only does our studio subscribe to the traditional Pilates method and its benefits but we coined the term “Pilates Collective” as we have adopted tools from other modalities of fitness, physical therapy/rehab and wellness institutions to better serve our clients. It is this collective and collaborative group of ideas, systems, people and energy that make us who we are, have reshaped the way we understand fitness and we are SO HAPPY to share it with you.  Its time to rethink fitness with Pilates Collective SLO.

What is pilates?

Pilates is a corrective exercise regimen created by Joseph Pilates originally (and aptly) named Contrology.  Classically, Pilates is a series of exercises meant to correct posture, faulty movement patterns and even ailments.  Pilates helps students gain strength, control of breath, concentration, precision of movement, balance, uniformity of muscles and flexibility.  It is low-impact and can help many populations including: athletes seeking to balance their bodies and move more efficiently; prenatal or postnatal women embracing changes in their bodies; and rehabilitation of acute injuries or chronic pain.  Pilates also enhances your every day life by increasing range of motion, strength, and flexibility while reducing stress and eliminating poor movement patterns. In the words of Joseph Pilates, "You are only as young as your spine is flexible." 

If you have questions about whether Pilates is right for you, please email info@pilatescollectiveslo.com or call us at (805) 996-0677.  We are also happy to work with your physical therapist if applicable. 

Your first session.

1. Start with an Intro Session. Not all fitness regimes should be treated the same and not all Pilates practices are alike. Whether you are brand new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, we would like to introduce you to our take on the method while also assessing your movement so we can better recommend which of our services/programs is right for you. best recommendations for you and your goals. Classes are not always the best place to start, we have Introductory Private Sessions to help you ease your way into a class setting. Our paramount goal is to keep you safe and make you feel successful at every step of your Pilates journey. We are invested in your success. Request a 30-minute intro session by clicking here.

2. Ditch your shoes. Pilates is traditionally performed barefoot.  Injuries, particularly injuries to the lower body (knees or hips), can stem from problematic movement patterns or muscle imbalances of the feet and ankles.   Exercising barefoot can often reveal those movement patterns and allow your instructor to help you create new and better habits.  At PCS, we recommend grip socks for your comfort, hygiene and safety.  Grip socks can be purchased at the studio.

3.  Be prepared to lie down.  Who doesn't like that?  Many Pilates exercises are done supine (on your back).  Working supine can help decompress your joints and discover new ways to access your ALL of your muscles (not just the big ones you've been relying on). For our pregnant women or friends that cannot lie flat, we offer a foam wedge which keeps you at a small incline for your comfort. 

4. Pilates seems weird. Hey- you guessed it! Pilates can seem a little “weird” for the first several sessions. We are taking you through movements you’ve probably never done, on apparatus you are not used to. It is very common to not “feel” many of the sensations we are describing at first because your brain is being overloaded with sensory information at the beginning. Once you begin to learn the method and understand the patterns that repeat themselves, you will be able to process information more efficiently which can result in being to “feel” or understand the movements better. Questions? Never hesitate to ask your instructor. Pilates is seriously our favorite topic and we love to share it with you.

5.  No mat needed.  We provide all the equipment you need.  Bring your grip socks, some water and a smile!

6.  How do I get there?  We have ample parking located behind Railroad Square in Suite 140. You may enter through the back door of the building between 9am and 6pm, and through our front door located on Santa Barbara Ave at any time during our regular business hours. There are directories located on site if you get lost.

7.  What if I have questions?  Currently, we are only at the studio for our appointments and will not be available to assist walk-in clients with questions or concerns.  Please email info@pilatescollectiveslo.com or call us at (805) 996-0677 so we can promptly assist you.

meet the team


Keira Cumberland, studio Owner and pilates Instructor

Keira grew up as an athlete: dancing, playing soccer, running track, practicing martial arts (Muay Thai) and training for triathlons. She attended California State University at Long Beach in 2003 as a Dance major and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Science and a minor in Political Science. She discovered Pilates at CSULB through the dance department and was later certified through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) in 2009 with Karen Clippinger. Since her certification, she has continued her Pilates education regularly attending workshops and private lessons.  Keira's current approach to Pilates is "classically-based with a contemporary flair" and she has expanded her wheelhouse to better assist clients with Neurological challenges, particularly stroke since her dad suffered a stroke (and is well on his way to recovering) in 2017.  Keira has taught Pilates and managed Pilates studios for small and large fitness clubs in Los Angeles and San Diego County since 2009 and has worked as a sales and revenue consultant for many Pilates studios helping them increase their bottom line.  Apart from Pilates and before opening Pilates Collective SLO, she completed her legal education at Southwestern Law School in 2013 and is a licensed California attorney.   Before transitioning to Pilates Collective SLO full-time, she practiced landlord/tenant law focused on eviction defense at a non-profit organization in Santa Maria, CA.  

If you’d like to learn more about the Classical Pilates System or add to your current Neuro-Rehab Program, request an intro session with Keira by contacting the studio or clicking here.



randyn spear, pilates instructor

Randyn grew up on the central coast of California. She found her passion for dance at a very young age and performed throughout the state competitively which eventually lead to her teaching career. For 15 years, Randyn has been a choreographer for dance studios, competition and college dance teams locally and throughout Southern California while dancing professionally. Randyn is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in Dance. It was here that she found her passion for Pilates. Randyn received her comprehensive certification with Dance Specialization through Body Arts and Science International with Karen Clippinger. Since then her knowledge of fitness has expanded to TRX, barre, and rebounding as well as a certification in Piloxing. With her well-rounded experience and knowledge of human anatomy and movement, she hopes to challenge her clients to rise to their fullest potential through hard work and their love of dance, movement, and exercise.


Casey Pilates Headshot.JPG


 Coming from Lake Tahoe, Casey combines the philosophy of integrating body, mind, and spirit through intelligent, functional, and mindful movement. In addition to a background of over two decades in dance, Casey has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from Cal-State Fullerton and years of professional acting, dancing and choreography experience. After a year of study in New York City, Casey became a Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates instructor. During this time she developed and managed the Pilates program for Align Brooklyn in Park Slope, and other studios. Additionally, she is certified with The Pink Ribbon Program; a Pilates based recovery program for Breast Cancer, and certified as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. She has practiced in LA, New York, San Luis Obispo, and the Silicon Valley. She is also certified in Foundation Training. Developed by Chiropractors, Foundation Training is a sequence of positions and movements that strengthen, heal, and re-educate the body to functionally move in space by intelligently implementing the various muscular chains of the body with a focus on deep muscular breathing. With all these tools in her toolbox, Casey approaches movement through the ZHealth Performance System lens. By looking at mobility, strength, speed, suppleness, and balance from a brain-based, neurological perspective, training becomes holistic, fully encompassing and taking into account, not just the biomechanics of the human body, but the way the brain affects every system in our body. She is passionate in restoring proper movement patterns and posture in her clients, and correcting society’s poor physical, and structural health due to our sedentary lifestyles. In between clients you will find her hiking, playing on the beach, or performing in her next musical or play!

If you’d like to learn more about Foundation Training, the Neuro-Movement Assessment, or the Breast Cancer rehab program, request an intro session with Casey by contacting the studio or clicking here.




Bryanna Cross's background is in classical and contemporary ballet. Bryanna spent over 10 years in intensive classical ballet training starting at age 9. Spending her final years of training at the San Francisco Ballet and School of American Ballet in NY,NY. From there Bryanna proceeded to performed in many professional ballet companies all over the SF Bay Area CA, San Francisco CA, Redding CA, Paris, France, Manhattan NY, Long Island NY, Baltimore MA, Buffalo NY and New Jersey. Bryanna used both yoga and pilates as injury rehab and prevention since 2003. Bryanna started teaching classical and contemporary ballet in 2009. Bryanna incorporated yoga, pilates and safety in posture and alignment into her lesson plans for all her students, ages 3 - adult . Bryanna has furthered her training in Pilates and yoga in order to expand her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Completing her 200-hour yoga certification with a specialization in power Vinyasa flow. As well as completing her certification in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. Bryanna has devoted herself to the study of the body in order to incorporate an anatomical understanding of movement into all of her classes, thereby creating well-rounded programs that meet the individual needs of her clients.

At the Office Michaela G.jpg

Michaela goorahoo, pilates instructor

Growing up in the Midwest as a young child, Michaela started her movement training in ballet, tap, jazz, and yoga.  Which sparked an enduring love for all forms of movement and expression that led to her desire to become a professional trainer.  After suffering a back injury, Michaela was introduced to Pilates and its ability to strengthen and rehabilitate the body. “Pilates allowed me to step back into my life with a whole new understanding and respect for my body.”

As a child, Michaela struggled with chronic bronchitis and asthma that affected the health of her lungs and her ability to perform as a dancer.  After many doctors’ visits and inhalers, she decided there had to be more to learn about how to improve her struggle with breathing. “I couldn't believe that there wasn't more to learn about the breath.  So, in a natural form, I became obsessed.” Finding a deeper connection to the breath during yoga and meditation practices led her to a major awakening that shifted her perspective on life.  Over the past decade, Michaela has studied many forms of breathing practices from Zen Buddhism, Yoga to Shamanic breath practices as well as the modern discoveries from science on the effects of breathing to or physical, mental and emotional health.  Learning directly from some of the best breathwork practitioners, such as Dr. Belisa Vranich, Dan Brule, David Elliot, and Stanislav Grof to name a few.

After experiencing life with injury and illness, Michaela has become motivated by overcoming adversity and obsessed with mind, body and spiritual wellness.  Through her own personal healing, she has found a connection that has awakened a deep passion to share what has healed her with others. “I live for the experience of helping my clients. Whether their need is rehabilitation, keeping up with aging gracefully or looking for a hardcore workout.  I'm a practitioner and a trainer because I love to connect with my clients and watch them grow and thrive by holding space where they can discover their own power, beauty, and strength.”  Michaela is a BREATHE™ Certified practitioner as well as a certified Pilates Instructor through the Pilates Sports Center.