Say Hey to Bry!

Next up for our talented group of instructors, we are interviewing Bryanna @ballet_hurts. It was recently her birthday- you can still give her some birthday 🎂❤️. Catch her at the studio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 👍💪

••How did you discover Pilates?

I discovered Pilates when I was 13 after a injury while training in classical ballet. Pilates was my rehabilitation through all of my injuries both as a student and as a professional ballet dancer.

••Why do you love Pilates?

I fell in love with Pilates as a young teen because of it’s complexity and attention to detail, much like classical ballet. I like to tell my ballet students “In classical ballet every finger, eyelash and nose hair has a place it should be. No detail is ever left out.” The same with Pilates, there will never be a day where there isn’t something to work on or reach for. I fell in love with Pilates over again as a teacher because after teaching ballet to kids for over the past 10 years I like to find the most direct route to proper alignment and musical isolation. The Pilates equipment gives students no choice but to get right to the intention of the exercise. Don’t cheat!

••If you could go back in time, who would you meet?

Vincent Van Gogh. I know it seems to have nothing to do with Pilates BUT all life is art! I think my job as a ballet, Pilates and yoga teacher is to help shape and mold my client’s posture, just like an artist molds a sculpture, to help them live their best life. Plus if you read an anatomy book, you’ll find the body is the most brilliant piece of art in history. Life is art! Therefore, my final answer- Vincent Van Gogh!


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