Introducing Annie

Last, we introduce the newest addition to our team, Annie @ilosirapilates, who (just like the rest of instructors) brings her own set of amazing skills, a sharp eye for form and a knack for making you fall in love with #pilates. We especially like when her cues involve petting kittens and diving into blue lagoons! Annie is also an accomplished musician and speaks French fluently (we’ve got some geniuses on staff if you haven’t noticed!). Keep reading to find out more about why Annie loves Pilates and what brought her to it. 

••How did you find Pilates?

My father is a chiropractor, my mom is a ballet dancer, and when I was 15 they both thought it would be helpful for the family to start Pilates for strength and balancing. It was a family affair! I started semi-privates with my dad and now I give him sessions! I found Pilates immensely helpful for #corestrengthening, which I really needed, particularly when I was an overly flexible kid with #hyperlordosis. Pilates has literally helped me to stand up. After tendonitis ended my music career, Pilates was the one thing that I felt I could study endlessly and constantly work to perfect, like my music or dance. Working with my dad in his office really sparked my interest in functional mechanics, and I'm extremely grateful to him for everything he has taught me.

••What do you love most about teaching?

I love the diversity! No two bodies are the same - everyone is so unique, and as a result, everyone needs something different. I especially love when people come in with injuries or challenging physical imbalances because I believe that many, if not all, issues can be helped with enough time, awareness, and repetition. The human body is so efficient at compensating for any perceived disturbance to its equilibrium and function but it's amazing how Pilates can refashion those compensatory patterns and muscle imbalances and transform a body into a stronger, more symmetrical, more balanced form, at any age. 🤯

With that- we end our Instructor Highlights! Feeling inspired and want to become a #pilatesinstructor? Check out our next Teacher Training session starting January 2020. 🎉🤸‍♂️

📷: Asia Croson Photography