All About Michaela.

How did you discover Pilates? 

I always enjoy a hot sweaty workout and in LA I used to do a lot of heated yoga- until I injured my back.  My #backinjury put me out of my practice for weeks and every time I would go back, without fail, I would re-injure my back.  Frustrated and worried that I wouldn’t be able to work out with-out hurting myself, I was referred to Shannon Nadj’s Studio, Hot Pilates in West Hollywood.  I instantly became hooked on Mat Pilates and found myself gravitating towards the teachers who were classically trained.  It changed my life, and best of all my back pain went away.  

I became obsessed and went 5-7 times a week, my mental perspective on working out shifted as well as my commitment to myself, my self-confidence and my connection to my body.  As a matter of fact, I took my practice so seriously that people thought that I was an instructor and I would think “I could NEVER do that!” But it stuck and here I am!

Why do you love Pilates?  

Every BODY is different and yet Pilates is for EVERY BODY.

What is the best thing about being a Pilates Instructor?  

Making a difference in people’s lives.  

I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude each day that I wake up and have the opportunity to teach and learn from my clients and colleagues.  Seeing people become and feel empowered in their bodies is the most rewarding experience and being able to witness and hear their stories of triumph is priceless.

What is your current focus as a Pilates Instructor?  

Pilates has been a major creative outlet.  

Innovating new class types and workshops to better serve our community is something I’m always working on.  I’m constantly inspired by my client’s needs and learning how I can better serve them as an instructor.  

For example, I am launching a new class starting this July called: CORE-Stability. This class is specifically for anyone who is not supposed to do any movement with forward flexion,  which (believe it or not) is a fairly large demographic that can include people who have Osteoporosis/Penia, Diastasis Recti, Spinal Bulging or Fusion, etc. It takes the guessing out of whether or not this is a movement that is contraindicated for your condition and allows you to focus on your practice.  Each class emphasizes movements that reflect how we move in our daily lives and helps you to build strength and muscle tone to do them.  All with doctor’s approval to workout of course. 

Additionally, as a breathwork practitioner, I teach breathing mechanics which (if you are breathing) has a huge impact on brain cognition, digestion, regulating emotions such as anxiety and depression as well as stamina for athletes and in everyday life. In conjunction with teaching breathing mechanics workshops/private sessions and meditation, I’m currently developing a program specifically for athletes i.e.; runners, swimmers, cyclists, and surfers.  This program integrates the development of breath mechanics with the benefits of Pilates; increased muscle balance, flexibility, stability, improving overall power, efficiency and stamina in your performance.  The Foundation of performance = Breathing Efficiency + Stable Powerhouse. Contact me, if you are interested in being a part of the test trial.

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*Photos courtesy of Asia Croson Photography