Whats the deal with “Pelvic floor”


#goals 🙌.

What are your #fitness and #wellness goals for this week?

Do they include your #pelvicfloor? 🧐 “I’m unsure what my pelvic floor is? Do I have one?!” We’re glad you asked!

Yes, you have a pelvic floor. Whether you are a man, woman or classify yourself beyond those terms, if you have a pelvis you, almost certainly, have a pelvic floor.

The term “pelvic floor” is referring to a group of muscles acting as a sling (or floor) inside the pelvis, providing support for your internal organs against gravity and working in conjunction with your diagraphm during your #breathcycle to create a healthy, happy body. Like any other muscles: disuse/overuse; lack of awareness of proper function; and/or injury to these muscles (child birth to name a big one) can cause dysfunction including but not limited to #organprolapse, constipation, urine or stool leakage and sexual dysfunction.

The good news: these muscles can be strengthened/relaxed just like any other muscles. We can help! Questions? Send ‘em over!


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