Up next: Randyn!

Randyn is up next!

Up next, we’ve got this 🧨 firecracker, Randyn @_randerz_ . Rumor has it, she’s the queen of #HIIT pilates and we’ve all learned (the hard way) she has a knack for kicking our butts but making us love it! She was our first PCS team-member and took a chance when Keira said “I’ve got this weird little space with two reformers by the train station.” Thank you for taking that chance! Here’s what Randyn had to say about her #pilates journey.

••How did you discover Pilates?

I discovered Pilates during my training as a dance major at CSULB. As a major we were required to take Pilates, anatomy, and body placement courses as part of our training. When you’re moving your body for 12 hours a day you become more aware of how your body feels and recovers. Practicing Pilates dramatically increased my strength and endurance and kept my body balanced during those long dance days.

••Why do you love Pilates?

I love Pilates not just for the physicality of it but the mental awareness it brings to my mind and body. I thank Pilates daily for keeping me strong and balanced through my dance career and especially after. It doesn’t matter how stressful the day, I know I can come to class and leave my stuff at the door. 50-minutes of me time and I leave with a clear mind and a balanced body.

I am also grateful for the amazing mentors and friendships Pilates has brought into my life. I’ve met so many inspiring people.

••What is your current focus as a Pilates Teacher?

When students take my classes, whether it’s beginning or advanced, I want them walking out of the studio feeling like they’ve moved every muscle and bone in their body. I’m a mover. I want my students to move. With that said, I also need my students to move mindfully. I’ve been trying to focus on talking less and letting my students explore more. I don’t need the exercise to look perfect. I just want you to try you’re best ... and maybe laugh a little... ;)

Catch Randyn on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays! 2 more amazing instructors left to feature. Stay tuned!


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