Meet Casey!

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••Why is Pilates important to you?

Pilates became important to me because it sustained my career as a professional actor and dancer. I knew that I needed to learn how to support my body through all the rigor that a life on the stage asks for. My feet were a mess from high heels and ballet shoes, I had no back or core strength as I danced my way through a two hour musical, and I had no stamina for 12-18 hour days in rehearsal. As I started to shift into a full-time Pilates instructor I saw that any injury needs good rehab, and Pilates is one of the most comprehensive tools for any rehab program. It allows people to move when they think they can’t, and #movementislife !

••What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Standing Front Spilts! I love the challenge of balancing on a moving object with my tip toes. It takes so much power and strength to control the reformer, and keep it from sliding out from under you. It also requires extreme flexibility (there’s a reason why the word “splits” is in its title! 😉) That’s one of the things I love about Pilates, strength and length.

••How are you growing in your Pilates career?

Currently, I am part of an education curriculum (@zhealthperformance) that focuses on how we can utilize the knowledge we have about the brain to help our daily lives ranging from movement efficiency/power/stamina to handling chronic pain. I tell my clients that I work from an Applied Functional Neurological perspective in all my sessions and classes. This means that I might do exercises for your eyes to make your squat better, or I might give you a balance drill to help with your knee pain. It sounds like voodoo, but when you understand the anatomy of the brain, it makes more sense!

I also work with breast cancer patients at The Hearst Cancer Center at French Dignity Hospital. We are currently working on a Pilates program for a study they are conducting in the fall. Hopefully this will flow nicely into the breast cancer program we put on at PCS in October. In addition to all that, I am honored and thrilled to teach alongside my amazing colleague, Keira Cumberland at PCS’s Teacher Training this summer!


Photos Courtesy: Asia Croson Photography