Get to Know PCS

With our Summer Teacher Training Program fast approaching, we thought, “why not highlight our amazing instructors and find out a little more about how brought them to pilates?!” So here we are, starting with Keira, PCS’ studio owner/founder, and co-creator of the PCS TT Program.

• How did you find #Pilates? I started studying Pilates at Cal State Long Beach in 2005 under Karen Clippinger. I was a dance major and CSULB has this fantastic alternative called Dance Science which mixed the study of dance with kinesiology. I fell in love with studying movement. I had been a mover my whole life: running track, playing soccer and dancing so the study of it was a perfect fit.

• What do you love about Pilates? The study of Pilates is endless. #alwaysastudent I’ve been practicing Pilates and studying it for about 14 years and it never gets boring. It’s always relevant and applicable to so many types of people and their goals (not just physically but also mentally). People will ask- “what is Pilates?!” I have a hard time answering- because the benefits are vast and can change depending on the person in front of you. What I’ve decided for myself- Pilates is the lifetime practice of getting to know yourself. There will always be new movements, styles or approaches to it but the common theme is that you get to learn a new thing about your body (and yourself!) and the way it moves, reacts and changes.

• What surprises you the most about teaching Pilates? The amount of psychology it requires. When I was younger, I wasn’t prepared to teach private lessons because I surprised with how many emotions/reactions come out when someone begins to move their body. Now, I have a better capacity to understand people and the complicated way we all connect with our bodies, our emotions, our breath, wellness, fitness, nutrition and more. It’s all connected! There is so much more going on apart from the actual exercise... It’s fascinating and has kept me busy and interested for a long time!

If you’d like to get to know Keira a little more, SLO’s chamber of commerce recently featured her journey. You can access the interview on

Photos Courtesy: Asia Croson Photograph