Ready for More Pilates? Join PCS for Summer Workshops!


July 14- "Fundamental Pilates Principles: their shapes and application in the Pilates Method"with Keira Cumberland will cover basic Pilates principles including: neutral pelvis, Pilates "flat back", working from your center, c-curve and how Pilates address forward flexion and loaded forward flexion.

July 28- "Core, the Pelvic Floor, and Joseph Pilates" with Casey Canino. Dialogue and define your true core and pelvic floor through a series of specific movements and pilates mat exercises. Learn the history behind Pilates, and the man with the plan: Joseph Pilates!

August 11- "Functional Pilates: Applying Pilates principles beyond the studio" with Keira Cumberland will help participants understand how Pilates principles can carry over and enhance their efforts in daily life and other modalities such as hiking, biking, walking, running, weightlifting, swimming, dancing and yoga. 

We will be taking a handful of classical Pilates exercises and breaking them down into their functional application in your life.

August 25- "Injuries, Modifications and the Mind Body Connection" with Casey Canino. Discover why Physical Therapists, doctors, and so many other professionals suggest Pilates before any other exercise. Learn modifications for common injuries or chronic pains, and see why practices like synchronized breath and movement make Pilates a mind/body method."

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