🧐A little #foodforthought this #mindfulmonday morning. ☀️🤸‍♂️

Research has shown, activities that make you more aware of your internal sensations (like meditation, Pilates, yoga and other mindful activities) will help build a part of your brain that assists you in recognizing similar sensations in others.

As you increase your capacity to better understand yourself, you also increase your ability to empathize.

It is very common for people new to #Pilates to feel uncomfortable with the relationship we ask you to find with your body. “How does that feel?” “Where do you feel that?” “Is that a different sensation than you have felt before?” For some clients, this awareness of their bodies is brand new. But this heightened awareness not only brings you more information about the amazing body you call home, but it turns out, these new connections can also help your connection with others.

Thanks to #thegreatergood podcast, particularly the episode featuring Rick Hanson titled “the Neuroscience of Happiness” for discussing the results of mindful activities. Check it out for a more detailed explanation of this concept.


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