Tips for a healthier Thanksgiving...


Have you met Ginger, PCS's dedicated Registered Dietician? We asked her "what are some tips to help us stay on track with our fitness and wellness routines through Thanksgiving?" She gave us some great rules to live by this weekend.

1.  Eat a breakfast high in protein to help curb hunger and portions throughout the day.

2. Have prepped veggies to snack on while cooking if you're a mindless eater in the kitchen.

3. Load up on lighter and cleaner appetizers such as fresh vegetables.

4. Set a limit on alcohol and choose lower calorie options such as lite beer, wine, or a vodka soda.

5. Exercise! Exercise before and after your meal. Exercise helps reduce hunger before the meal and will help elevated blood sugars after.

6. Stop eating when you're 80% full. Push the plate away! You can do it :). Instead, focus that energy on conversations with the people around you and actively listen.  You’ll have much better memories of a meal enjoyed than a meal overindulged in. 

7.  Drink lots of water or calorie-free seltzer water. We tend to eat more when we are dehydrated. Plus, the volume of liquid while keeping you fuller and satisfied.

8.  Disregard the "food-pushers". Many times we have a notorious food-pusher in the crowd. Go prepared with a goal and stick to it.

9.  Have you been invited to dinner?  Volunteer to take a dish and bring your own healthy, veggie-filled entree.

Apart from eating, keep your mind and body active this week with a Pilates session or class. We are open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday (and we will have a lot of energy for you post-pumpkin pie!). See you in the studio this week!