Your body is talking.


Your body has a story to tell. It’s strong, it works hard for you, it’s constantly communicating to you and those around you.

Last weekend, during our Art of Teaching Module, we talked to our teacher trainers about listening to your clients- about how important it is to listen to your client’s narrative about their body and why they are on the Reformer in front of you. Just as important, however, is to listen to the story the body tells you as you begin to move- the stories may not be the same. Listen #yourbodyistalking 🗣.


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Are you really connecting?


But in all seriousness...

Do you have trouble “feeling” certain muscles or movements?

For example when performing movements like squats or bridges, are you able to activate or feel your glute muscles? 🤔

Better yet- can you identify the muscles that are not “pulling their weight” in our body? That may be limiting your gains, your shape or causing you pain?

Do you want to better connect with your body and learn about all of its potential? #jointhecollective we can help. 👍💪


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Stay tuned.


We did a thing... Well, we did a SECOND thing and it’s coming to you this September. #staytuned #fitbypilatescollectiveslo


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Introducing Annie

Last, we introduce the newest addition to our team, Annie @ilosirapilates, who (just like the rest of instructors) brings her own set of amazing skills, a sharp eye for form and a knack for making you fall in love with #pilates. We especially like when her cues involve petting kittens and diving into blue lagoons! Annie is also an accomplished musician and speaks French fluently (we’ve got some geniuses on staff if you haven’t noticed!). Keep reading to find out more about why Annie loves Pilates and what brought her to it. 

••How did you find Pilates?

My father is a chiropractor, my mom is a ballet dancer, and when I was 15 they both thought it would be helpful for the family to start Pilates for strength and balancing. It was a family affair! I started semi-privates with my dad and now I give him sessions! I found Pilates immensely helpful for #corestrengthening, which I really needed, particularly when I was an overly flexible kid with #hyperlordosis. Pilates has literally helped me to stand up. After tendonitis ended my music career, Pilates was the one thing that I felt I could study endlessly and constantly work to perfect, like my music or dance. Working with my dad in his office really sparked my interest in functional mechanics, and I'm extremely grateful to him for everything he has taught me.

••What do you love most about teaching?

I love the diversity! No two bodies are the same - everyone is so unique, and as a result, everyone needs something different. I especially love when people come in with injuries or challenging physical imbalances because I believe that many, if not all, issues can be helped with enough time, awareness, and repetition. The human body is so efficient at compensating for any perceived disturbance to its equilibrium and function but it's amazing how Pilates can refashion those compensatory patterns and muscle imbalances and transform a body into a stronger, more symmetrical, more balanced form, at any age. 🤯

With that- we end our Instructor Highlights! Feeling inspired and want to become a #pilatesinstructor? Check out our next Teacher Training session starting January 2020. 🎉🤸‍♂️

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All About Michaela.

How did you discover Pilates? 

I always enjoy a hot sweaty workout and in LA I used to do a lot of heated yoga- until I injured my back.  My #backinjury put me out of my practice for weeks and every time I would go back, without fail, I would re-injure my back.  Frustrated and worried that I wouldn’t be able to work out with-out hurting myself, I was referred to Shannon Nadj’s Studio, Hot Pilates in West Hollywood.  I instantly became hooked on Mat Pilates and found myself gravitating towards the teachers who were classically trained.  It changed my life, and best of all my back pain went away.  

I became obsessed and went 5-7 times a week, my mental perspective on working out shifted as well as my commitment to myself, my self-confidence and my connection to my body.  As a matter of fact, I took my practice so seriously that people thought that I was an instructor and I would think “I could NEVER do that!” But it stuck and here I am!

Why do you love Pilates?  

Every BODY is different and yet Pilates is for EVERY BODY.

What is the best thing about being a Pilates Instructor?  

Making a difference in people’s lives.  

I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude each day that I wake up and have the opportunity to teach and learn from my clients and colleagues.  Seeing people become and feel empowered in their bodies is the most rewarding experience and being able to witness and hear their stories of triumph is priceless.

What is your current focus as a Pilates Instructor?  

Pilates has been a major creative outlet.  

Innovating new class types and workshops to better serve our community is something I’m always working on.  I’m constantly inspired by my client’s needs and learning how I can better serve them as an instructor.  

For example, I am launching a new class starting this July called: CORE-Stability. This class is specifically for anyone who is not supposed to do any movement with forward flexion,  which (believe it or not) is a fairly large demographic that can include people who have Osteoporosis/Penia, Diastasis Recti, Spinal Bulging or Fusion, etc. It takes the guessing out of whether or not this is a movement that is contraindicated for your condition and allows you to focus on your practice.  Each class emphasizes movements that reflect how we move in our daily lives and helps you to build strength and muscle tone to do them.  All with doctor’s approval to workout of course. 

Additionally, as a breathwork practitioner, I teach breathing mechanics which (if you are breathing) has a huge impact on brain cognition, digestion, regulating emotions such as anxiety and depression as well as stamina for athletes and in everyday life. In conjunction with teaching breathing mechanics workshops/private sessions and meditation, I’m currently developing a program specifically for athletes i.e.; runners, swimmers, cyclists, and surfers.  This program integrates the development of breath mechanics with the benefits of Pilates; increased muscle balance, flexibility, stability, improving overall power, efficiency and stamina in your performance.  The Foundation of performance = Breathing Efficiency + Stable Powerhouse. Contact me, if you are interested in being a part of the test trial.

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*Photos courtesy of Asia Croson Photography

Whats the deal with “Pelvic floor”


#goals 🙌.

What are your #fitness and #wellness goals for this week?

Do they include your #pelvicfloor? 🧐 “I’m unsure what my pelvic floor is? Do I have one?!” We’re glad you asked!

Yes, you have a pelvic floor. Whether you are a man, woman or classify yourself beyond those terms, if you have a pelvis you, almost certainly, have a pelvic floor.

The term “pelvic floor” is referring to a group of muscles acting as a sling (or floor) inside the pelvis, providing support for your internal organs against gravity and working in conjunction with your diagraphm during your #breathcycle to create a healthy, happy body. Like any other muscles: disuse/overuse; lack of awareness of proper function; and/or injury to these muscles (child birth to name a big one) can cause dysfunction including but not limited to #organprolapse, constipation, urine or stool leakage and sexual dysfunction.

The good news: these muscles can be strengthened/relaxed just like any other muscles. We can help! Questions? Send ‘em over!


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Up next: Randyn!

Randyn is up next!

Up next, we’ve got this 🧨 firecracker, Randyn @_randerz_ . Rumor has it, she’s the queen of #HIIT pilates and we’ve all learned (the hard way) she has a knack for kicking our butts but making us love it! She was our first PCS team-member and took a chance when Keira said “I’ve got this weird little space with two reformers by the train station.” Thank you for taking that chance! Here’s what Randyn had to say about her #pilates journey.

••How did you discover Pilates?

I discovered Pilates during my training as a dance major at CSULB. As a major we were required to take Pilates, anatomy, and body placement courses as part of our training. When you’re moving your body for 12 hours a day you become more aware of how your body feels and recovers. Practicing Pilates dramatically increased my strength and endurance and kept my body balanced during those long dance days.

••Why do you love Pilates?

I love Pilates not just for the physicality of it but the mental awareness it brings to my mind and body. I thank Pilates daily for keeping me strong and balanced through my dance career and especially after. It doesn’t matter how stressful the day, I know I can come to class and leave my stuff at the door. 50-minutes of me time and I leave with a clear mind and a balanced body.

I am also grateful for the amazing mentors and friendships Pilates has brought into my life. I’ve met so many inspiring people.

••What is your current focus as a Pilates Teacher?

When students take my classes, whether it’s beginning or advanced, I want them walking out of the studio feeling like they’ve moved every muscle and bone in their body. I’m a mover. I want my students to move. With that said, I also need my students to move mindfully. I’ve been trying to focus on talking less and letting my students explore more. I don’t need the exercise to look perfect. I just want you to try you’re best ... and maybe laugh a little... ;)

Catch Randyn on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays! 2 more amazing instructors left to feature. Stay tuned!


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Say Hey to Bry!

Next up for our talented group of instructors, we are interviewing Bryanna @ballet_hurts. It was recently her birthday- you can still give her some birthday 🎂❤️. Catch her at the studio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 👍💪

••How did you discover Pilates?

I discovered Pilates when I was 13 after a injury while training in classical ballet. Pilates was my rehabilitation through all of my injuries both as a student and as a professional ballet dancer.

••Why do you love Pilates?

I fell in love with Pilates as a young teen because of it’s complexity and attention to detail, much like classical ballet. I like to tell my ballet students “In classical ballet every finger, eyelash and nose hair has a place it should be. No detail is ever left out.” The same with Pilates, there will never be a day where there isn’t something to work on or reach for. I fell in love with Pilates over again as a teacher because after teaching ballet to kids for over the past 10 years I like to find the most direct route to proper alignment and musical isolation. The Pilates equipment gives students no choice but to get right to the intention of the exercise. Don’t cheat!

••If you could go back in time, who would you meet?

Vincent Van Gogh. I know it seems to have nothing to do with Pilates BUT all life is art! I think my job as a ballet, Pilates and yoga teacher is to help shape and mold my client’s posture, just like an artist molds a sculpture, to help them live their best life. Plus if you read an anatomy book, you’ll find the body is the most brilliant piece of art in history. Life is art! Therefore, my final answer- Vincent Van Gogh!


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Meet Casey!

Next up! Meet @caseycaninopilates !👍💪

••Why is Pilates important to you?

Pilates became important to me because it sustained my career as a professional actor and dancer. I knew that I needed to learn how to support my body through all the rigor that a life on the stage asks for. My feet were a mess from high heels and ballet shoes, I had no back or core strength as I danced my way through a two hour musical, and I had no stamina for 12-18 hour days in rehearsal. As I started to shift into a full-time Pilates instructor I saw that any injury needs good rehab, and Pilates is one of the most comprehensive tools for any rehab program. It allows people to move when they think they can’t, and #movementislife !

••What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Standing Front Spilts! I love the challenge of balancing on a moving object with my tip toes. It takes so much power and strength to control the reformer, and keep it from sliding out from under you. It also requires extreme flexibility (there’s a reason why the word “splits” is in its title! 😉) That’s one of the things I love about Pilates, strength and length.

••How are you growing in your Pilates career?

Currently, I am part of an education curriculum (@zhealthperformance) that focuses on how we can utilize the knowledge we have about the brain to help our daily lives ranging from movement efficiency/power/stamina to handling chronic pain. I tell my clients that I work from an Applied Functional Neurological perspective in all my sessions and classes. This means that I might do exercises for your eyes to make your squat better, or I might give you a balance drill to help with your knee pain. It sounds like voodoo, but when you understand the anatomy of the brain, it makes more sense!

I also work with breast cancer patients at The Hearst Cancer Center at French Dignity Hospital. We are currently working on a Pilates program for a study they are conducting in the fall. Hopefully this will flow nicely into the breast cancer program we put on at PCS in October. In addition to all that, I am honored and thrilled to teach alongside my amazing colleague, Keira Cumberland at PCS’s Teacher Training this summer!


Photos Courtesy: Asia Croson Photography

Get to Know PCS

With our Summer Teacher Training Program fast approaching, we thought, “why not highlight our amazing instructors and find out a little more about how brought them to pilates?!” So here we are, starting with Keira, PCS’ studio owner/founder, and co-creator of the PCS TT Program.

• How did you find #Pilates? I started studying Pilates at Cal State Long Beach in 2005 under Karen Clippinger. I was a dance major and CSULB has this fantastic alternative called Dance Science which mixed the study of dance with kinesiology. I fell in love with studying movement. I had been a mover my whole life: running track, playing soccer and dancing so the study of it was a perfect fit.

• What do you love about Pilates? The study of Pilates is endless. #alwaysastudent I’ve been practicing Pilates and studying it for about 14 years and it never gets boring. It’s always relevant and applicable to so many types of people and their goals (not just physically but also mentally). People will ask- “what is Pilates?!” I have a hard time answering- because the benefits are vast and can change depending on the person in front of you. What I’ve decided for myself- Pilates is the lifetime practice of getting to know yourself. There will always be new movements, styles or approaches to it but the common theme is that you get to learn a new thing about your body (and yourself!) and the way it moves, reacts and changes.

• What surprises you the most about teaching Pilates? The amount of psychology it requires. When I was younger, I wasn’t prepared to teach private lessons because I surprised with how many emotions/reactions come out when someone begins to move their body. Now, I have a better capacity to understand people and the complicated way we all connect with our bodies, our emotions, our breath, wellness, fitness, nutrition and more. It’s all connected! There is so much more going on apart from the actual exercise... It’s fascinating and has kept me busy and interested for a long time!

If you’d like to get to know Keira a little more, SLO’s chamber of commerce recently featured her journey. You can access the interview on

Photos Courtesy: Asia Croson Photograph

It’s time to “work-in”


 💪 If you think fitness is only about #theburn, #thesweat, or #squatsonsquatsonsquats... it may be time to rethink your routine. Sometimes, your body isn’t looking/feeling/responding the way you’d like it to because you might be feeding it the wrong stimulation. Wait, WHAT?

“So, you’re telling me I can LOOK and FEEL better only by rolling around, breathing differently or, dare I say, skipping my usual workout?!” The short answer- YES! The long answer- you’re going to have to come in and see us for that. For every person, there’s a different recipe for wellness and fitness. We’re here to help you figure out what that is. “But, PCS- Why are guys always talking about this ‘easy stuff’, I want the ‘hard stuff’ give me more springs, more music and ALLLLL of the reps!”

We hear you and we get it. Each of us here at PCS enjoys giving (and getting) a good butt-kicking workout just as much as the next #fitpro. But here’s the thing- we see too many clients every week who are suffering from some kind of mental, physical or emotional burnout and it’s affecting their ability to achieve their fitness or wellness goals including: body shape and size; ideal sleep pattern; relationship with food; relationship with self; chronic fatigue or injury; unable to perform desired physical movement or activity.

 If this doesn’t speak to you- no problem. But if it strikes a chord, it may be time to step back and listen to what your body is telling you. We can help you do that and we can help take the #anxiety out of the process. However, just be prepared, it takes some vulnerability to quiet yourself, listen and perhaps admit to the things that aren’t working for you.

 We can help you rebuild your routine in a way that gives you the results your looking for, but we have to start at the beginning. Let’s temporarily swap your “work-out” for a “work-in”. 😉 #losetheego #alwaysastudent #rethinkfitness #listentoyourbody #trusttheprocess


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It’s all about breath...


How you Breathe is how you Live! Join us for 2 Breath Events this month starting 4/11!

Breath facts from our girl @michaelagoorahoo of @expandbreathe:

“100% of the population is breathing but statistics show that 90% of people are doing it incorrectly.That's 9/10 people!

Due to bad habits in our daily life such as gut sucking, poor posture, diet, and even passed emotional and physical trauma, have contributed to dysfunctional breathing patterns. Poor breathing results in a lack of oxygen on a cellular level which affects not only your immediate but our long term health.

Meaning that we’re more prone to brain fog, anxiety, frequent stress, poor immune system, low energy and, chronic pain. In fact, if you’ve experienced back pain, pelvic floor issues, sleeping difficulties, anxiety, depression, asthma, or digestive issues, chances are you’re breathing poorly. The good news is that once you learn how to optimize your breathing, you can start making some very real and very physical changes.

Oxygen=Energy + Recovery! So if you are not breathing fully and freely then you are not breathing to thrive! Quit breathing just enough to survive and learn how to breathe to THRIVE!





Check out our events page to sign up online!


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One size does not fit all...


Planning your week? Make #movement a part of it.


Not every #fitness routine has to involve highly stimulated movements to make it successful. In fact, if you are already a highly-stimulated or stimulant-sensitive person you may want to adjust your program or find one that does not overwhelm you or add additional stress to your day.


“But I’m not overwhelmed,” you might say. Our best advice- listen to what your body is telling you. You may be stressing your body and #nervoussystem more than you realize.


Having trouble sleeping after a #workout? Hungry but you know you have had enough to eat for the day? Can’t concentrate/focus or get emotionally charged when asked to do a complicated task? These can be symptoms of stress/anxiety produced or exacerbated by your environment (including your workouts).


There are many things we can’t control that produce stress on our bodies and mind. For the things we can control- listen to your body and give it what it’s craving.


Our instructors are trained to vary your workouts based on your needs. Our classes are specifically curated to reduce stimulus for #relaxation or produce stimulus to challenge your limits. Movement should not be one size fits all. Explore the different options that work for you. We can help. 👍💪



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Celebrate #Women's Day All Month Long!

🙌✨March 8th is #internationalwomensday2019 and PCS is celebrating women all month long with three specially crafted events to celebrate and support the women in our community.

📆 Mark your calendars (and jump online to reserve your spot in each event!):

✨ Saturday, March 9, 12-2pm: Stop the Drop | Bra-Fitting and Trunk Show with @lornajaneactive . Feel comfortable and confident in your activewear and hang out with some likeminded people.

✨Sunday, March 17, 4-5:30pm: Reset and Restore Essential Oil-Infused Experience with Keira and the magical @greenloveelixirbar. If you love all things relaxation- this one is for you!

✨March 24, Empowered Women’s Circle, 3-4:45: Join @expandbreathe for this transformative event discovering the biology affecting our core-center/intuition. Surrounded by pillows, flowers, open-minds and hearts you should feeling stronger and more connected from the inside out.

More details to come on each of these events. Registration is open, so reserve your spots (as you guessed it- space is limited). While these events are geared toward empowering the women in our community these events are open to everyone. Please reach out if you have questions. 👍💪

It's Back!


Are You Ready to Change Your Body? Join PCS Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings for a 4-Week Pilates Sculpt Challenge starting 1/8/19. Participants who successfully complete the challenge will be entered to win a 1-Month Powerhouse Membership!


Our Pilates Sculpt Challenge is all about building great habits and changing your body in a fun and rewarding way... in just 4-weeks! Challenge yourself to wake up and hit your reformer at least 12 times in the month of January. Your body will thank you!


Pilates Sculpt is a unique class format, developed by instructor, Michaela Goorahoo, with an emphasis on feeling and seeing results FAST. Participants can expect a full body workout with a focus on strength and mobility in the following, targeted areas:

Tuesday = Arms and Shoulder Girdle

Thursday = CORE (Abdominals, Back and Spine)

Friday = Gluteals, Legs and Hips


Your Challenge starts January 8 and is limited to only 8 participants. Sign up NOW by emailing or calling the studio to reserve your spot. Pilates Sculpt meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 or 8am. Let us know which timeslot you prefer when you sign up.


We want to offer you our best pricing during the Challenge. Click below to take advantage of our special offer for Pilates Sculpt participants.*

*Please note: this package may only be used for Pilates Sculpt classes and may be refunded if purchased for any other use.

Movember is for Men's Health

Breathe for Good 1.png

Check out our Events page to sign up!

The Movember Foundation's message is simple: stop men from dying too young. The Foundation strives to provide tools and information aimed specifically at men to improve their health and prolong their lives. We can all help raise awareness of the Foundations 3 pillars: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men's mental health and suicide prevention.  

This November, Pilates Collective SLO and Expand+Breathe have teamed together to bring San Luis Obispo County a Free Breath Workshop + Raffle to help raise awareness for Men's Health and funds for The Movember Foundation.

In this Breath Workshop, participants will be encouraged to slow-down a little and acknowledge their body, their health and their minds through Breath. We get it- sitting quietly, taking deep breaths and participating in meditation can be intimidating, scary or even seem wasteful in our fast-paced society, however, we argue it is necessary for a balanced life. 

Join us for a few hours of fun and exploration for a good cause. We look forward to working with you!

Cost is free; donations are encouraged.

Moving Up!


We could not be more proud of our new sign and the team of instructors, clients, mentors, dreamers and supporters that got us here.

For over a year, we grew a small studio starting with two reformer/tower units and two trainers in the back of a business without a front door or signage.

Today, we’ve got: a sign; 6 FANTASTIC instructors each bringing a unique skill and vision for our Collective (more about our offerings later); 3 spaces of Pilates apparatus; a dedicated sports massage therapist (@empowermassagetherapy check him out for a life changing experience); and A FRONT DOOR. The dream continues to move forward with an education and mentorship program on the horizon and more.

Thank you 🙏 to everyone who has been a part of this journey. We’re motivated to continue to offer you the highest quality mind/body experience.


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Just in: Breathe Series


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”  -Amit Ray

In this 3-Week Series, participants will explore how their daily breathing habits can be contributing to feelings of anxiety, stress, brain fog, and poor judgment. See actual quantitive results in your daily life and learn the science behind what many mystics and sages have been practicing for centuries.   Michaela Goorahoo, founder of Expand+Breathe, uses techniques to help you understand your individual breathing style and its affects your health.  

This experience is for anyone who wants to combat stress in their lives. Learn simple life hacks to increase your immunity, improve focus, concentration while reducing stress and anxiety.

$110 for the 3-Week Series | $75 for Powerhouse Members

Check out our events page for your link:



This Sunday we’re partnering with #Lululemonslo and leading a Pilates mat class to benefit the Hearst Cancer Center and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Class will be free for attendees but donations will be accepted. 100% if the proceeds will go to the Hearst Cancer Center.

Bring a mat, bring a friend and wear your pink to support and honor those who are currently battling, have battled or are supporting a loved one through #cancer.

See you Sunday! 👍💪


#pilatescollectiveslo #morethanmovement #movementheals #pilates #pilatesforrehab #pilatesforathletes #pilatesforcancer