Are You Ready to Change Your Body? Join PCS Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings for a 4-Week Pilates Sculpt Challenge starting 1/8/19. Participants who successfully complete the challenge will be entered to win a 1-Month Powerhouse Membership!


Our Pilates Sculpt Challenge is all about building great habits and changing your body in a fun and rewarding way... in just 4-weeks! Challenge yourself to wake up and hit your reformer at least 12 times in the month of January. Your body will thank you!


Pilates Sculpt is a unique class format, developed by instructor, Michaela Goorahoo, with an emphasis on feeling and seeing results FAST. Participants can expect a full body workout with a focus on strength and mobility in the following, targeted areas:

Tuesday = Arms and Shoulder Girdle

Thursday = CORE (Abdominals, Back and Spine)

Friday = Gluteals, Legs and Hips


Your Challenge starts January 8 and is limited to only 8 participants. Sign up NOW by emailing or calling the studio to reserve your spot. Pilates Sculpt meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 or 8am. Let us know which timeslot you prefer when you sign up.


We want to offer you our best pricing during the Challenge. Click below to take advantage of our special offer for Pilates Sculpt participants.*

*Please note: this package may only be used for Pilates Sculpt classes and may be refunded if purchased for any other use.


Pain 101 | A Workshop

Attendees will learn a basic understanding of pain physiology and neurology, and discover what happens in the brain when you experience pain. Discussion will include the Pain Cycle, the effects of past and present injuries, environmental factors that produce pain, and how overloading our system with stress contributes to potential musculoskeletal pain. This workshop will provide you with the management skills that will empower, and help gain control over your pain and body.

$40 for Single Workshop

$25 for Powerhouse and 8 Private Session/Mo. Members

Breathe for Good 1.png

Pilates Collective SLO and Michaela Goorahoo, founder of Expand+Breathe, are partnering with local businesses to bring awareness to all things men’s health this month while benefiting the great Movember Foundation.

The Movember Foundation’s message is simple: "stopping men dying too young." They raise awareness by starting a conversation (via Mustache) about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health/suicide prevention (and we love that!). 

Want to help support this cause?  Join us on Tuesday November 27 (AKA Giving Tuesday) from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for our Breathe for Good event.

We will start with a Breath Workshop focused on bringing our attention to the way our bodies hold on to stress and anxiety of our daily lives. This pent-up stress and anxiety can manifest into pain, depression and other issues if we can’t find the right outlet. 

Take some time to focus on your breath and your body, learn your personal breath IQ and see how it might be affecting your health! You’ll walk away with some tips to better manage your stress/anxiety/trauma- enhancing your life. While this month's focus is men's health in particular, this event can benefit all! 

Following the workshop, participants are encouraged to participate in our raffle of fantastic goodies donated by local businesses. Admission is free. $20 raffle tickets will be available for purchase.  All proceeds will benefit the Movember Foundation. 

Join us for a few hours of fun and exploration for a good cause. We look forward to breathing with you!

Breathe Series 1.png

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”  -Amit Ray

In this 3-Week Series, participants will explore how their daily breathing habits can be contributing to feelings of anxiety, stress, brain fog, and poor judgment. See actual quantitive results in your daily life and learn the science behind what many mystics and sages have been practicing for centuries.   Michaela Goorahoo, founder of Expand+Breathe, uses techniques to help you understand your individual breathing style and its affects your health.  

This experience is for anyone who wants to combat stress in their lives. Learn simple life hacks to increase your immunity, improve focus, concentration while reducing stress and anxiety.

$110 for the 3-Week Series | $75 for Powerhouse Members

Ballet 1.png

Ballet + Pilates is for any ballet-lover 12-100 years of age. This series does not require any level or skill set. It's created to deepen each individual’s knowledge of technical ballet concepts and functional, safe movement.

Beginner to professional dancers will work from the inside-out, dissecting where their movements begin and how that translates to the beautiful lines that draw us to appreciate this incredible art form. Our goal is to help participants keep their bodies healthy and injury free so they may continue to dance as long as they can.

$125 for 5-Week Series | $35 for Drop-In Class


The Pink Ribbon Program: A Three-Week Class Series, October 16th, 23rd, 30th @ 5:30pm.

Based on The Pink Ribbon Program, this three-week class series will cover the basics of movement before, during, and after treatment and surgery.

Learn the special considerations, techniques, and modifications for moving safely through each phase of the process. Construct a unique, individual, exercise therapy program that takes into consideration the challenges of breast cancer including lymphedema, cording, frozen shoulder, and decreased energy levels.

Create community with other individuals journeying through breast cancer or those that are in their support system. Through the Pink Ribbon Program, clients will stretch, strengthen their bodies, decrease anxiety, develop tools for pain management, and find encouragement within the health and wellness community here at Pilates Collective SLO.

Cost is free!


In this workshop, participants will learn the partial anatomy and theory behind a cancer diagnosis in an supportive, and non threatening environment. Discover the ways proper movement can help assist through a cancer journey, and the special considerations to be aware of such as Lymphadema, Cording, Frozen Shoulder, decrease of energy levels, and physical changes. The second half of this workshop will be a forum and discussion group on the psychological toll on women as they navigate the waters of their disease. Discuss the ways that San Luis Obispo can help to support the brave women going through breast cancer and what resources the fitness and wellness community can potentially provide. Find community with other women going through cancer and find support and encouragement through those that gone into remission.

Cost is free!