Holiday Wellness Special


Give the gift of wellness this holiday season with our Holiday Wellness Package. Recipients will enjoy 3 private Pilates sessions and a 60-minute massage from @empowermassagetherapy. 🙌😍

What more could you (err, your loved one) ask for?✨🎉 


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Movember is for Men's Health

Breathe for Good 1.png

Check out our Events page to sign up!

The Movember Foundation's message is simple: stop men from dying too young. The Foundation strives to provide tools and information aimed specifically at men to improve their health and prolong their lives. We can all help raise awareness of the Foundations 3 pillars: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men's mental health and suicide prevention.  

This November, Pilates Collective SLO and Expand+Breathe have teamed together to bring San Luis Obispo County a Free Breath Workshop + Raffle to help raise awareness for Men's Health and funds for The Movember Foundation.

In this Breath Workshop, participants will be encouraged to slow-down a little and acknowledge their body, their health and their minds through Breath. We get it- sitting quietly, taking deep breaths and participating in meditation can be intimidating, scary or even seem wasteful in our fast-paced society, however, we argue it is necessary for a balanced life. 

Join us for a few hours of fun and exploration for a good cause. We look forward to working with you!

Cost is free; donations are encouraged.

Moving Up!


We could not be more proud of our new sign and the team of instructors, clients, mentors, dreamers and supporters that got us here.

For over a year, we grew a small studio starting with two reformer/tower units and two trainers in the back of a business without a front door or signage.

Today, we’ve got: a sign; 6 FANTASTIC instructors each bringing a unique skill and vision for our Collective (more about our offerings later); 3 spaces of Pilates apparatus; a dedicated sports massage therapist (@empowermassagetherapy check him out for a life changing experience); and A FRONT DOOR. The dream continues to move forward with an education and mentorship program on the horizon and more.

Thank you 🙏 to everyone who has been a part of this journey. We’re motivated to continue to offer you the highest quality mind/body experience.


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Just in: Breathe Series


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”  -Amit Ray

In this 3-Week Series, participants will explore how their daily breathing habits can be contributing to feelings of anxiety, stress, brain fog, and poor judgment. See actual quantitive results in your daily life and learn the science behind what many mystics and sages have been practicing for centuries.   Michaela Goorahoo, founder of Expand+Breathe, uses techniques to help you understand your individual breathing style and its affects your health.  

This experience is for anyone who wants to combat stress in their lives. Learn simple life hacks to increase your immunity, improve focus, concentration while reducing stress and anxiety.

$110 for the 3-Week Series | $75 for Powerhouse Members

Check out our events page for your link:



This Sunday we’re partnering with #Lululemonslo and leading a Pilates mat class to benefit the Hearst Cancer Center and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Class will be free for attendees but donations will be accepted. 100% if the proceeds will go to the Hearst Cancer Center.

Bring a mat, bring a friend and wear your pink to support and honor those who are currently battling, have battled or are supporting a loved one through #cancer.

See you Sunday! 👍💪


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We’ve got a mat for that!


 🙋‍♀️Hey! Have you seen our new expanded schedule? We’re now offering #matclasses in our bigger space including: FITMAT; Mat 1 and 2; #foamrolling + #foundationtraining; Revive, Stretch + Release; Energy Balancing + Restorative #meditation; and #gyrokinesis!

What more could you ask for?! (Seriously- let us know and we will make it happen!)

We can’t wait to see you this week! 👍💪


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Join Us 🌸.


 #breastcancerawarenessmonth is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. (Wikipedia).

Thanks to @caseycaninopilates and the @pink_ribbon_program, we are able to join this campaign and offer our local community a place to meet, move, learn, grieve, love and support.

Starting October 16th, we will be hosting a 3-week class series called The Pink Ribbon Program where we will dive into safe pilates-based movements that can support you or a loved ones journey through or after #breastcancer.

On October 20th, we will host a Movement through Cancer Workshop and Discussion Forum featuring women intimately connected with the #slocommunity and #cancer.

Learn more by reaching out to us. You can also follow @caseycaninopilates directly, or visit our website to sign up for the above mentioned classes and workshops.

We look forward to supporting all the women who have been affected by this disease. 🙏


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Contrology + Mindful Movement


Did you know Pilates was original named “Contrology” by creator #joesphpilates? He believed, so fervently, in the benefits of complete mind control over body. Being precise and #mindful in your movements is what counts and it’s what we practice here at PCS.

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.” -Joseph Pilates (I don’t know about you, but 😳🤯).

At the fundamental level, our hope is to help you find a better connection to your body, your breath and your movements, both, inside and outside the studio. As you progress through the method, your control will become more effortless/automatic allowing you to pick up the pace, perhaps add resistance or challenge yourself with more coordination.

We often hear “pilates feels too easy...” at first. “I’m used to heavier weight, faster pace and bigger movements.” You must walk before you run- master the fundamentals and gain the benefits in every aspect of your life. If you want to change your body- you have to change your habits. Who agrees? 🙋‍♀️


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Come See Us!


Have you been in to see us yet? You’ll find us in the historic Railroad Square, level 1, Suite 140.

If you haven’t been in- reach out to schedule your free, 30-minute session with our exceptional instructors. DM ya for more info.

We’ve got some big news about our front door coming your way soon 👍💪.


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NEW: Powerhouse Membership


 ❤️ Have you checked out our new #Powerhouse Membership? Schedule a free, 30-minute intro session to find out if you’re just like us. #pilatesaddict •••••••••••••••••••••••

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Six Days...


 🙋‍♀️ Did you hear (...check your inbox)?! We're Turning 1!🙌🎉

Join us this weekend to #celebrate! Enjoy: 1️⃣ Free Classes; 2️⃣ Hike + Foundation Training with @caseycaninopilates on Terrace Hill; 3️⃣ Lots of @whalebirdkombucha; 4️⃣ Discounts on retail; 5️⃣ Happy Hour at the Station SLO; and 6️⃣ Unlimited Smiles, Laughs and Fun! 👍💪


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👋 Summer Workshops!


 ....Coming right up! The last of our Summer Workshop series is happening this weekend with @caseycaninopilates.

What workshops do you want to see in the fall? We’ve got some exciting updates coming soon!

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Come join me @pilatescollectiveslo for my next workshop; Injuries, Modifications, and the Mind/Body Connection. August 25th! Get on the list soon, only two spaces left!!


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Functional Pilates


Our third (of four) Summer Workshop is coming up this Saturday with Keira.

This workshop is all about “Functional #Pilates” and how Pilates concepts can be taken and used in your everyday lives, activities and other modes of exercise.

Specifically, we will be exploring the nuances of the Pilates fundamentals and how they can enhance movements you know and love: sit ups/crunches, squats, planks, pushups, sitting at your desk or in the car, twisting to grab bag in the back seat, getting up from your chair or walking up the stairs.

See you in the studio! 👍 #returntolife #signuponline


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Meet Beckett!


 👋Meet Beckett! She’s the newest member of the PCS crew.

Beckett Emerald Sky grew up in Southern California and New York City and attended the Idyllwild School of Music and Art to study ballet and modern dance with the Bella Lewitzki Company.

Beckett has an MFA degree in dance and has trained and taught Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic all over the world. She just returned from Florence, Italy where she taught and spent one year studying painting and art restoration.

She completed a 770 hour teacher training program where she learned to teach on all of the Pilates equipment and also mat work for all levels and abilities. She loved this balanced way to feel joy and energy and she naturally lost weight and got into the best shape of her life.

Beckett is truly delighted to meet you and help you to feel your best, with confidence, energy, joy and peace and to live in a body you love!

Read Beckett’s full bio on our website or check her out this week! Her classes start NOW. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️


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Ready for More Pilates? Join PCS for Summer Workshops!


July 14- "Fundamental Pilates Principles: their shapes and application in the Pilates Method"with Keira Cumberland will cover basic Pilates principles including: neutral pelvis, Pilates "flat back", working from your center, c-curve and how Pilates address forward flexion and loaded forward flexion.

July 28- "Core, the Pelvic Floor, and Joseph Pilates" with Casey Canino. Dialogue and define your true core and pelvic floor through a series of specific movements and pilates mat exercises. Learn the history behind Pilates, and the man with the plan: Joseph Pilates!

August 11- "Functional Pilates: Applying Pilates principles beyond the studio" with Keira Cumberland will help participants understand how Pilates principles can carry over and enhance their efforts in daily life and other modalities such as hiking, biking, walking, running, weightlifting, swimming, dancing and yoga. 

We will be taking a handful of classical Pilates exercises and breaking them down into their functional application in your life.

August 25- "Injuries, Modifications and the Mind Body Connection" with Casey Canino. Discover why Physical Therapists, doctors, and so many other professionals suggest Pilates before any other exercise. Learn modifications for common injuries or chronic pains, and see why practices like synchronized breath and movement make Pilates a mind/body method."

Purchase one workshop or all four here:

#Repost on Pilates Principles and their application to loaded squats...


Had to #repost @theprehabguys #reposting @pheasyque.

Want more information on your pelvis and spine position and where you are in space? #pilates and PCS can help!

Specifically, check out our first #summerworkshop (July 14, #signuponline) discussing #fundamentalpilates principles, their shapes and applications including: #neutralpelvis, #neutralspine, #pilatesflatback, #ccurve and the infamous #loadedforwardflexion. #signuponline #spaceislimited

. . .

Great post by @pheasyque:


“TAG someone who squats!



Let’s start by saying that “neutral spine” doesn’t mean a fixed position.. rather, it means a range where the spine can move (flex/extend) without troubles.

Quite infact, if you’ve ever squatted ATG (ass to grass) you’ve noticed your pelvis rolling backwards at the bottom and no matter how hard you try not to, if you really want to get deeper, you’ll have to. But, is that a bad thing?

The problem comes when the lumbar flexion exceeds the “neutral range” and it becomes evident. That’s where problems start to happen.

Bottom line: IF you’re keeping your chest up, back tight & neutral, and squatting the weight through your legs... the butt wink won’t be a problem.

On the other hand, if you’re actually squatting the weight up wih your back, well, you need to re-evaluate your technique!”


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Summer Workshops coming your way!


Morning #collabo with @caseycaninopilates. Summer Workshop Series coming your way!

Mark your calendars 📆: Saturday 7/14, Saturday 7/28, Saturday 8/11, Saturday 8/25 👍💪.

Our workshops are intended for: 1️⃣ current pilates students seeking to learn more about the method and deepen their practice; 2️⃣ students who are unfamiliar with Pilates looking for more information; 3️⃣ current #pilatesinstructors, #personaltrainers, #groupfitnessinstructors and other #movementspecialists looking to add #pilates concepts to their work.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon to our social media and your inbox if you’ve subscribed to our newsletters! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️


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Happy 4th


 🗣Check it out!

We have a modified schedule next week for the 🇺🇸 4th of July. Head to our schedule to sign up!

Monday at 4:30 you’ll see a Reform 1 instead of Reform 3 | Tuesday, we’ve added a Gentle #Yoga class with Bry at 5:30 | We’re offering one class with Casey on 7/4 | There is no 10am on Thursday 👍💪.

Happy Summer and Happy 4th of July! 💥 🇺🇸🎉I


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Celebrate Mother’s Day!


Ready to celebrate?! 🎉

Join #pilatescollectiveslo and @greenloveelixirbar for another Oil-Infused Reset and Restore Class at #lululemonslo on #mothersday!

Enjoy 50-minutes of pure pampering for yourself, your mom or whoever else you want to show love. You will be opening up your body and senses with yin-inspired poses enhanced with #younglivingessentialoils provided and lovingly applied by @greenloveelixirbar (life changing! 🙌) to deepen your relaxation.

Class will be held on May 13 from 10-11am at Lululemon SLO. See you there! 👍💪


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